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by Whimsyland

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Welcome to Old Town Square! Hey welcome to the children everywhere! We’re so glad you’re here! There’s a jungle on your right now And a spaceship on the left side Whichever way you go, We’re gonna have the best time!
It’s time to hang out in a hollow tree It’s time to set sail through the swamp with me It’s time to whistle all your cares away It’s time for a ding-dong-delightful day! Fireflies and frogs are your friends Now ain’t that a heck of a thing? Lumberjacks and logs, and river bends Will keep you singing - will make you sing Hey hey okay! It’s a ding-dong-delightful day Your troubles are far away today There’s no need to hope, there’s no need to pray Hey hey okay! There ain’t nothing to do today So we’re cruising down the creek on a ding-dong-delightful day! It’s time for wet socks and waterfalls It’s time for a bear wearing overalls It’s time for a hootenanny hideaway It’s time for a ding-dong-delightful day! Well, no one really knows where this river ends But I reckon we’re gonna find out I gotta feeling your family and friends Will soon be screamin’ - will scream and shout!
How do you get to planet Neptune? How do you get to planet Neptune? Climb aboard my rocket ship I call it the Nautilus That’s how we’ll get to planet Neptune Take a look outside the portholes And be reminded that you’re mortal Look at Earth getting so small Do our lives matter at all? That gloom you’re feeling now is normal Hang on - next stop is planet Neptune! We’ll explore the gift shops and the restrooms Our lives are small and meaningless Your mission: just do your best That’s the lesson learned on planet Neptune
As everybody knows, the center of the Earth is filled with dinosaurs That’s where we’re gonna go, through the volcano straight to the planet core Where there’s a hidden valley that my great-grandfather found That’s where we’re gonna zip around We’ll circle ‘round the neck and underneath the legs of the Brontosaurus And through the settlements of primitive humans who look a lot like us As we transition from a corkscrew to a double helix spin, You might find yourself wondering Is this the way that it’s supposed to be? Just sky and trees, no concrete Is this the way that we’re meant to exist? Just dinosaurs and morning mist See the Stegosaurus wander through the forest with her family The people are all merry, living off the berries from their berry trees No factories, no highways, just sea and sky and song Might make you wonder: where did we go wrong? Is this the way that it’s supposed to be? No borderlines, just country Is this the way that we’re meant to exist? We had our shot, we might have missed
Down in the heart of the jungle deep There’s a swingin’ spot that’s run by beasts It’s a real fun place for friends to meet And put their paws up Order a drink and it’s served by chimps A buffalo brings you your wings The zebras dance and the hippos sing And turtles crawl all over everything! Behind the bar is a jaguar And a cobra’s pluckin’ at an old guitar It’s a real hip space, and the coup de grace Is the turtles that are crawling all over the place!
Well I’m George Washington, your first president You’ve seen me on the dollar and on the 25-cent And if you’re wondering where ol’ George went, I cannot lie I died, I died I couldn’t live forever, I never even tried If there’s just one thing that you learn from this ride It’s that a lot of people lived, and a lot of people died Well I’m Betsy Ross and I made this flag To some people it’s sacred, to some it’s just a rag I made it out of a potato bag and a stitch of pride And then I died, that’s right I died I couldn’t live forever, I never even tried When you look at the flags that your forefathers flied Remember that they lived, and remember that they died Well my name is Abe LIncoln and in less than four score You’ll probably be dead too, so you’d better just make sure You’ve left something behind that the world can’t ignore, or at least tried And then you’ll die, and then you’ll die You’ll never live forever, you’d better never try Just make sure until that day, you can hold your head high Live and live and live and live and live and die
Beneath the palace, in a lagoon A bright crystal egg will be hatching soon The queen and the king and their underlings Are counting the seconds O beautiful princess, O sweet graceful swan Welcome to the world, we’ve waited so long And now you’ve arrived to save all our lives Your destiny beckons And we will follow you anywhere, anywhere Just tell us where to be, and we’ll claw our way there Anywhere, maiden fair, anywhere On her 16th birthday, the stroke of midnight The beautiful swan takes to the sky Away she flies, leaving us behind Weeping and cursing “O pitiful people, don’t wait for me I can’t be your princess and also be free I’m off to new lands, please understand I am my own person” We would have followed you anywhere, anywhere But putting that on you was never truly fair Now you’re gone, mighty swan, now you’re gone
We are the happy horses, we’re bouncing up and down Climb on our golden backs, we can lift your feet right off the ground Life is an endless circle, filled with discontent That feeling’s universal, that feeling’s permanent But today, just for a few seconds We can fly through the sky, so high above the wreckage Today, right now, just for a while There’s no reason in the world to deny yourself a smile So, smile We are the happy horses, we live in Horsey Hall We promise we won’t judge you - we love you, god we love you all This world’s a mile a minute, we know it can’t be helped No matter how your spin it, you spend most days destroying yourself But today’s not one of those days Today we can laugh and spin like in the old days Today, we give your permission To fly through the sky and remind yourself of what’s missing What’s missing
Je m’appelle Hercule Parrot, and I’m afraid I must regret To inform you that there’s been a great crime The key to Whimsyland has been stolen from the hand Of the man entrusted to it - Sacre bleu, that hand was mine! It’s a mystery on rails Are you up to the task? You must ensure justice prevails Is that so much to ask? Now as we ride on this train, I beg you - use your little brains And I’ll use mine, which is humongous Search for clues, search for hints - mon ami, search for anything For I suspect that the culprit is among us Whodunnit, how and why and when? These are the questions you must ask You must also answer them It’s not enough just to ask Now if you’ll gather in the dining car I will deliver my denouement Who’s the guilty party? I can tell you who Who has the key? All of you! The key’s inside all of our hearts Every girl and boy under the sun It doesn’t matter who you are Whimsyland belongs to everyone!
When the hills loom high in the Transylvania sky And the blood in your veins turns to ice And the night gaunts wail over rickety rails And the light from the moon will not suffice Will you venture underground, where there’s treasure to be found Deep beneath this blood-caked earth Are you bold? Are you brave? Will you ramble through this cave? Even knowing that you face an ancient curse Or worse… Watch out - there’s bats everywhere! They’ll eat your neck and pull your hair A thousand poltergeist stand in shadows and stare, biding their time Here in Frankenstein’s Silver Mine Well have you met Frank? He’s the fella you should thank For staking out this fertile shaft How those peasants toiled, bringing pickaxes to soil As the ghost and ghasts and ghouls and goblins laughed Now it’s finally your time to descend into the mine Please keep your arms and heads inside the cart And all those skeletons you see are your new family They’re just trying to win your heart And other parts…
Everything’s okay in Oatmeal Cookie Land We smile every day in Oatmeal Cookie Land Everyone’s your friend, and has a hand to lend The fun never ends in Oatmeal Cookie Land We’ve stockpiled guns and bombs in Oatmeal Cookie Land So please remain calm in Oatmeal Cookie Land You won’t come to any harm, never mind those strange alarms It’s all part of the charm of Oatmeal Cookie Land There hasn’t been a threat that we couldn’t weather yet The sun never sets on Oatmeal Cookie Land
We’re living in the future now My son’s got robots in his heart My father worked on a farm Now I’ve got a city in my car My stove is from the moon My dog went to college with my son American engineers Built industry for everyone Have a look at the calendar, my dear You’ll see that today is tomorrow and tomorrow is next year The future is here The future is here!
Welcome to The Bunny’s House We’re sorry but The Bunny’s out Please feel free to look around While The Bunny’s out of town He forgot to lock his door So we can take this little tour His kitchen’s full of funny stuff His living room is nice enough When The Bunny wants to call a friend, The telephone is in the den The fridge is filled with carrot juice You can’t deny that’s pretty cute If you want to see more, The Bunny’s Girlfriend’s house is right next door
Hey hey fireworks! All those colors in the sky The perfect way to end the night All your friends are here to say goodbye We hope you had an awesome time Thanks for such a great day But now the fireworks are fading, it’s gettin’ pretty late We hope the memories you’ve made Can get you through another year without succumbing to the fear and hate Meanwhile we’ll wait And when you’re ready to come back, we’ll be here Even if it takes a while, we’ll still be here See ya real soon


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All songs imagineered by Chadd Derkins
Some songs plussed-up by Grath Madden and Chris Grivet

"This album is dedicated to Arna and Artie Plumb,
who taught me the value of fun places"


released August 12, 2022


Andy Conway - Bass
Chris Grivet - Guitar
Grath Madden - Guitar
Mikey Erg - Drums
Charles Vorkas - Keyboards

LOTS more people performed on this album, so please click each song for more info!

Drums recorded on 7/16/21, at Volume IV in New Brunswick, NJ by Christopher “Gobo” Pierce
Primary guitars and bass recorded at Studio 29E by Grath Madden
Everything else recorded at various locations across these great United States of America

Mixed and mastered by Luke McNeill at Capitol City Studio


Front cover map by Persephone Huffman

Back cover character art by Jason Muhr
www.jasonmuhr.com / www.instagram.com/jasonmuhr

Whimsyland logo, sleeve and label design & layout by Michael Welch

Bloated Kat Whimsyland logo by Andy and Alyse Conway
www.instagram.com/andyconwaaay / www.instagram.com/alyse_czack

Additional graphic design by Carla Monoxide

Walt Disney, The Sherman Brothers, the Whimsyland Band and all the wonderful people who created music or art for this album - with extra special thanks to Grath and Grivet, the Plumb family, Luke McNeill, Christopher “Gobo” Pierce, Servo and Bloated Kat Records, Kazu and Waterslide Records, Chad & Jessa Huffman, Jonnie Whoa Oh, Rob Taxpayer, Dave Branum, Carla Monoxide, Zak Koonce, Matt Lame


all rights reserved



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