1. Split LP
    1000 Travels of Jawaharlal/Minority Blues Band

  2. Can't Remember, Can't Forget

  3. Millennial Kicks
    Saturday Night Karaoke

  4. The Best Punk Rock In Indonesia, Kawan

  5. Demo 2013
    Post Modern Affairs

  6. Accidents

  7. Death Kill Overdrive
    Death Kill Overdrive

  8. Sexy Grrrls In Your Area b/w Freebleeder
    Cootie Cuties

  9. Kat Music For Kat People Volume VI: God Emperor Of Tune

  10. Teenage Woman
    Teenage Woman

  11. TV Cop Smokes Weed
    TV Cop

  12. Favorite Synthetic
    The Sleeping Aides & Razorblades

  13. Black Bubblegum
    The Headies

  14. Anti-Charisma Wholesale
    Don Blake

  15. Lookout! Pavid Vermin Ruins Some Songs
    Pavid Vermin

  16. Soft Spot
    Fail Sons

  17. Kat Music For Kat People Vol IV - The Longest Fe-Line

  18. Growing Up In The Multiverse
    The Headies

  19. Cutting Corners
    Pavid Vermin

  20. Throw Me In The Trash
    Pavid Vermin

  21. Outside The Territory
    60' Whales

  22. Split Lathe
    Mikey Erg + Chris Pierce

  23. Confessions of a Justified Cynic
    The Kimberly Steaks

  24. Kat Music For Kat People Volume 3 - Picks of the Litter
    Various Artists

  25. Do It Or Don't
    Teenage Bigfoot

  26. Thirteen
    Crocodile God

  27. Pure Pop For Jaded Punks
    K. Campbell

  28. Uneasy Heartache (Songs 1994-2019)

  29. Jump, Jive, And Fail
    Pavid Vermin

  30. Serious Musician
    Fraser Murderburger

  31. Tough Like Diamonds
    Don Blake

  32. The Pre-Rico Years
    The Young Leaves

  33. Guts

  34. Too High To Die
    Harsh Times

  35. Take It Easy

  36. Cut The Cord

  37. Starry Nights
    Starry Nights

  38. Hates You Back
    Like Bats

    Seattle Fucking Supersonics

  40. Torpor

  41. Bite Because You Like It
    Heavy Pockets

  42. The Other Side
    Maiden Mars

  43. Pocket Universe
    Don Blake

  44. Top Bunk
    Top Bunk

  45. Who Cares

  46. (Every Little Thing Breaks My) Punk Rock Heart
    The Headies

  47. Jabber/Science Police Split
    Jabber/Science Police

  48. Emotionally Unavailable
    Rational Anthem

  49. Out Utero
    Lipstick Homicide

  50. Meh
    Skinny Genes

  51. Demo 2013

  52. Whatevermind
    Rational Anthem

  53. It Ain't Funny
    The Punchlines

  54. Too Many Babes

  55. You Are Under Arrest In The Future
    Science Police

  56. Do A Little Dance
    Pity Party

  57. Mikey Erg/Barrakuda McMurder split
    Mikey Erg/Barrakuda McMurder

  58. 21st Century Breakroom
    House Boat

  59. Sensitivity Training
    Rational Anthem

  60. Dead North/Strong City split
    Dead North/Strong City

  61. Midwest Nothing
    Like Bats

  62. Fucifier
    Mikey Erg

  63. Lipstick Homicide/Billy Raygun Split
    Lipstick Homicide/Billy Raygun


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